Envelop your skin in the wonderful sensation offloral mix. Surrender to its soothing properties in your chosen base.

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with Chamomile Flowers, Lavander Flower, Jasmine Flower, Cornsilk & Marsh Mallow Leaf
Directions: Sprinkle through one of the prescribed bases to create a heavenly scented exfoliant, blend with more Emulsion Add Ons to create a formula just for you.
Ingredients: Matricaria recutita Tot. (German Chamomile Flowers Whole), Lavandula angustifolia Tot. (Lavender Flower Whole), Jasminum officinale Tot. (Jasmine Flower Whole), Zea mays Conc. (Cornsilk Stigma Cut), Althaea officinalis Fol Cone (Marsh Mallow Leaf Cut), Camellia sinensis Pulv. (Green Tea Leaf Powder), Aloe Capensis Pule. (Cape Aloe Resin Powder).