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Personalised skin and haircare for you

Imagine your perfect having a personal 24/7 skin and haircare expert that you could choose to add a brightening booster to when your skin is feeling dull, or the ideal body scrub mixed with your favourite scent.

Emulsion’s unique approach works around you, your body, and your lifestyle, allowing you to tailor each product individually from function to fragrance, creating a truly personal blend.

How Emulsion Works

Step 1 — Pick your base

Simply start your mix with a base. Our blendable bases have been designed to answer your problems. We've created them to nourish and smooth, each one answering a specific need.

Step 2 — Pick your essential blend

Massage your moods and benefit your body by adding these Essential blends to any of our Bases. Each one is specially created to benefit and soothe, offering a little extra oomph when added.

Step 3 — Pick your fragrance

The heady aromas contained in our little bottles make a big impact on our Bases. Woody, floral, spicy, citrusy - you'll find our fragrances are truly heaven scent.

Step 4 — Pick your exfoliant

Sloughing away dead cells and revealing brighter, softer skin underneath. From fine particles to heavier duty scrubs, add one to your chosen base to bring fourth your most sparkling self.

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Why this matters

People are becoming more expressive of themselves and the one size fits all doesn’t work anymore and the nature of Emulsion product mixes allow customers to manifest there uniqueness. Emulsion offers a blank canvas that can be used on its own or coloured with the different essential blends, fragrances and exfoliants.

Each person has a different skin/hair type that needs to be addressed in a specific way, and Emulsion offers a dynamic approach to skin and hair care. Emulsion also offers a platform for people to change their beauty regimen according to trend/season.

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