Emulsion Launches Apothecary-Style DIY Beauty Products

Posted on ديسمبر 18, 2018

As bespoke beauty ventures continue to create buzz within the industry, brands are exploring new ways to make these products accessible for all consumers. British naturals brand Emulsion is capitalising on the personalised beauty trend by allowing consumers to address their varying skincare needs on a day-by-day basis.

The 43-piece genderless product line encourages users to create everyday personal care products – such as cleansers, serums and moisturisers – from scratch. Each one of these ‘base products’ is unscented and free from actives – serving as a blank canvas.

All of the formulas can be enhanced with ‘add ons’, including essential oil mixtures, exfoliants and fragrances – all of which create the ideal blend for an array of skin types and environments. For example, the Green Goddess Add On contains concentrated green tea extract – an antioxidant that provides protection from pollution and UV rays.

Emulsion has developed an online questionnaire designed to help consumers find a suitable product and blend – using details such as skin type and fragrance preferences. The mix-and-match format of these products encourages users to supplement each base with a new active every day.

An extension of this personalised strategy could be an analysis tool that visually assesses and tracks the skin’s health. We predict this will be a bankable opportunity for brands like Emulsion – the global beauty devices market is expected to reach $94.3bn by 2023 (P&S Market Research, 2017).

In addition, gender-neutral beauty is a fast-developing category, with 27% of British men saying they would buy cosmetics if they were branded as gender-neutral (Future Thinking, 2018). For more examples of genderless branding, see The Gender Agenda, The Phluid Project: Gender-Neutral Shopping  and Instagangs: Asia’s Genderless Beauty Idols.

To read more about personalised beauty, see Mainstreaming Bespoke Beauty, Future Beauty: Perfecting Bespoke and 10 Tech Trends to Watch in 2018.

First published on Stylus

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